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Turbo Cooling

Press "Turbo" button on remote controller to enjoy a larger air flow, which enables the indoor temperature to reach the set temp in a shorter time.

G10 Inverter

G10 InverterOver time, Gree has invested tons of time and effort to make their products more efficient and eco-friendly. These efforts have led to new innovations that have changed the comfort industry. This is exactly the case for the G10 Inverter Technology.

It's simple, G10 Inverter Technology allows you to reach your exact desired ambient temperature rapidly while reducing your energy consumption! Most electric heating and cooling units work at fixed speed. Those units cannot automatically readjust when the desired temperature is reached. The unit is therefore constantly varying the temperature and uses large amounts of energy to shut-off and start-up in order to maintain the set temperature.

With the G10 Inverter technology, these temperature gaps are issues of the past. Our units can intelligently adjust their power in order to provide you with perfect comfort and lower energy consumption. This is not only good for your wallet, but also for the environment!

Inverter New English

You will find G10 Inverter Technology on ALL our wall-mounted air conditioners and heat pumps:


The mini sensor in the remote controller can sense its surrounding temperature, and transmit the signal back to the indoor unit. So the unit can adjust the air flow volume and temperature accordingly so to provide maximum comfort.

Intelligent Defrosting

Adopting advanced and unique intelligent defrosting mode, Gree WiFi intelligent degrosting proprietary technology overcomes the degrosting defect of mechanical defrosting mode. It senses frost and the amount of frost intelligently, conducts defrosting in frosty condition while no operation if frostless, which not only saves energy, but also enhances heating effect.

Sleep Curve

Sleep curve option will maintain the ideal temperature until morning to ensure your comfort.

Auto Restart

When the power if off and then on, the unit automatically restores the previous function setting.


Once abnormal operation or parts failure happen, the unit will shut off automatically to protect the system. Meanwhile it will indicate protection or error code for fast service.

8°C Heating/-15°C Cooling/-20°C Heating

8°C Heating
Maintain the room temperature steadily at 8°C and prevent the room from freezing by heating operation when nobody is at home for long in severe winter.

-15°C Cooling
Cooling at -15°C while keeping a reliable operation. As the outdoor temperature changes, the frequency of the compressor and the speed of the fan adjusts accordingly.

-20°C Heating
Operate finely when heating is at -20°C. It is suported by GREE's electrical heating chassis, preheating technology and frequency-adjusting compressor.

4-way Air Outlet

The louver can be vertically or horizontally adjusted so as to maximize comfort in the room.



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