About Gree Canada

The Canadian division of Gree was founded in 2011 with one sole purpose: to offer Canadians the best residential & commercial comfort products in the world. Because of the distinctive Canadian climate, the importance of having durable, sustainable and powerful comfort products is crucial. With Gree, this is exactly what you are going to get.

In order to enhance our products’ performances to manufacture the ideal product for the rigors of the Canadian climate, our offices work closely with our Chinese headquarters on a daily basis on research and development. This is why Gree has quickly become a leading force in the Canadian market in climate control. We are always looking to improve and we are always seeking perfection.

A Canadian Company with Canadian Values

Since its foundation, Gree Canada has had specific values that have factored in our decision-making process over the years. One big commitment we have made is to always be environmentally conscious of our actions. That is why Gree products are amongst the greenest on the market. Technologies developed by Gree, such as G10 Inverter Technology, are complete game changers that have allowed Canadians to consume less energy and, thus, be more eco-friendly without sacrificing performance.

We also pride ourselves in offering a reliable and humanized customer service to our customers. At Gree Canada, we understand the value of offering quality service and are committed to answering any questions you may have concerning your unit, or even help you make your purchasing decision.

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